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Volkswagen K?fer Cabriolet production stopped

Photo: Wikipedia

In 1980, on January 10, another milestone in the history of such a model as the Volkswagen K?fer ended. On this day, 41 years ago, the last car with a convertible roof rolled off the assembly line.

It was already the sixth generation of cabriolets, indexed «1303». Compared to its predecessor, the 1302 Cabriolet, only minor design changes were made: new body colors were introduced, and the turn signal Light were moved from the wings to the front bumper.

It should also be added that the Volkswagen K?fer had been in production from 1946 to 2003, in parallel with the Volkswagen New Beetle, whose production started in 1998. However, in 2010, production in Germany was closed, and since then cars under the Volkswagen Beetle brand until 2019 had been produced at a Mexican plant in the city of Puebla de Zaragoza.