Passanante/Pisciotta won the 3rd stage of Italian Regularity Rally Championship

Ptoto: ACI Sport

The third stage of the Italian Regularity Rally Championship was held on March, 20 on the territory of Sicily between Trapanese and Agrigentino. Mario Passanante and Anna Maria Pisciotta representing a FM Franciacorta Motori Team onboard their 1937 Fiat 508 C a victory in their home round.

«It was a very difficult race —said Passanante — because we also encountered a lot of mud on the road which obviously complicates things for us with older cars. I am very happy, I risked going astray a couple of times but in the end I enjoyed myself like crazy. We have had very strong opponents who have followed us. We probably managed to make a difference in night practice where we made fewer mistakes and we managed to keep a certain line and a certain average.»

The crew №4 made of Francesco and Giuseppe Di Pietra became the second with 6 penalty points. Giovanni Moceri, a Grandi Eventi series ex-champion, and Angelo Pizzuto, ACI Palermo President, formed the TOP-3 driving a 1939 Fiat 508C.

Third-place winner Giovanni Moceri shared his impressions of the 2021 Trofeo Cave di Cusa and commented on the sudden change of the co-pilot:

«We are quite satisfied with the result of the race that was not exactly exciting right from the start. The rain was incessant throughout the course which made the tests particularly challenging, especially those carried out in the dark without any luminous protection in the detection sections. Congratulations go to the winner who was very good once again.

As for the co-pilot change, it happened so that my wife Valeria Dicembre was not feeling very well on Friday evening and I asked the President of ACI of Palermo Angelo Pizzuto if he was available to replace her at the last minute».