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Studebaker officially ended Farm Wagon manufacture

Studebaker Farm Wagon. Pacific Rural Press, 1871

On January 3, 1921, a famous American Company, Studebaker, completed the production of its agricultural wagons, which two of the Studebaker brothers began to produce in a small workshop in South Bend, Indiana in 1852. Back then, the company’s budget was only $65, but the brothers approached the business wisely, ordering just as much materials as needed for production to make it waste-free. However, it was possible to turn the neighbourhood-oriented manufacture into a profitable business only 4 years after the start of the production of the cart, dubbed Studebaker Farm Wagon, when orders from other states began to arrive.

But in 1902, Studebaker switched to electric vehicles and in 1904 they added gas-powered cars to the list. Thus, wagon production was no longer a priority, and eventually, after nearly 70 years of production, new samples of Farm Wagon finally ceased to appear.

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