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Studebaker Gold Car presented in New York

Photo: 365 Days of Motoring

In 1917, at the annual New York auto show, Studebaker presented a car that was made of gold. The Studebaker Gold Car became a real sensation not only of the exposition in particular, but of that era in general. All in all, 8,000 metal elements were involved in its assembly, covered with 24-carat gold — the purest metal without impurities — with a total weight of 400 ounces (about 12.5 kilograms). But in the finishing of the body, white enamel was used, on which the finest golden lines were applied.

The car itself, belonging to the so-called «Series 18», was a four-door 7-seater touring sedan with a Victorian roof and was powered by a 6-cylinder engine. The cost of such an exhibit, according to experts, was approximately $ 30,000. In comparison, the average car of the time was about 30 times cheaper.

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